Delivery Programme and Price List

Delivery programme

On request, we will be pleased to send you our delivery programme for commercial customers with possible container sizes and a price list.


With the publication of a current price list, all previous prices lose their validity.

Final provisions

We hereby expressly point out that the present product(s) is (are) (a) newly developed (test) product(s), the properties of which have not yet been fully tested for all substrates and/or areas of application or have only been tested in laboratory tests or in practical tests only for precisely defined areas of application. In particular, empirical values and/or (long-term) results for your intended application are not available or are only available to a limited extent. Information on use merely represents examples and recommendations, but no assurance of properties. The material has not been finally tested and/or approved by us for your intended application and the actual loads associated with it in practice (thermal, mechanical ...). Experience has shown that the application of the material, even on very similar substrates and surfaces, can result in deviations in the specified properties such as adhesion, durability, surface effects or similar. We therefore recommend that you carry out the necessary tests and release tests for your specific intended areas of application before processing/application in series production. For the aforementioned reasons, we do not guarantee the suitability of the material for the applications intended by you, in particular adhesion of the material on the components used by you, durability or other properties of the surfaces produced using the material.


The buyer or user is not released from carrying out his/her own testing of the suitability for the intended processes, purposes and applications checked by qualified personnel. This also applies with regard to the protection of third party property rights. The mention of brand or trade names of other companies is only given as an example and is not a recommendation; it does not exclude the use of other similar products.


With your order you confirm that you have been informed about this and that you accept it.