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Nano Enamel - A New Class Of Materials

· Water based Coating material

·  Curing already at 80°C

·  Flexible application methods such as

spraying or rolling

·  Thin enamel of approx. 10 µm

· Very high corrosion protection on steel, aluminium, zinc, copper

·  Very high chemical resistance

·  Very high scratch resistance 

(cut resistant)

·  Temperature stability up to 600°C

·  Coloring possible

(silver, black, red, gray, etc.)

·  UV-resistant and durable

·  Optimum coating for brake discs, screws, attachments, pots, oven parts etc.

·  Functionalization such as Easy to Clean effect or adjustment of the sliding friction possible



We Make The Products Of The Future!

Who we are

NANO-X GmbH is a medium sized company in chemical nanotechnology. We are located in Saarbrücken in Germany  and have an international trade and cooperation network. NANO-X is certified to ISO 9001,
ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

What we do

NANO-X GmbH develops and produces customised coatings and catalysts in the field of chemical nanotechnology with multifunctional properties. 

Our products

The services provided by the company range from innovation consultancy to target-oriented adjustment developments to production and support in the application of the desired coating solutions. You get an overview in our Delivering Program.