Nomenclature of the "Do-it-yourself" Products

What does "do-it-yourself" mean?

"Do-it-yourself" products can be self-applied using simple methods such as rubbing on, brushing on or spraying on and are suitable for application by professional craftsmen, cities and municipalities and the end consumer to preserve and protect interiors, vehicles, textiles, buildings and furnishings. This brings significant added value to the coated component and ecological and economic advantages to the user.


If you would like to have a ready-made assembly in the form of a case, sachet or kit with your own labelling, please contact us again.

Nomenclature of the products

x-clean® products are surface coatings and impregnations that simplify cleaning and reduce soiling.

Typical products are rain repellents, sealings for sanitary ware and shower enclosures, tiles and floors, rim protectors or special cleaning solutions.


x-tec® products are suitable for the corrosion protection of metals and are offered as material for self-assembly or in 400 ml aerosol cans. 


x-tex® products are impregnations for textiles to allow dirt and water to simply roll off.


x-view® products are materials for the anti-fogging finishing of plastics, e.g. for swimming goggles, visors, etc.


The abbreviation EC stands for Easy-to-Clean-Effects.

The abbreviation CO stands for corrosion protection effects.

The abbreviation AB stands for anti-fogging effects.

The abbreviation PK stands for Self-Cleaning and photocatalysis effects.

Product information

Our product information and application-technical advice, both written and spoken, reflect the current state of our knowledge and experience.

Our product information reflects the criteria for our quality tests. It does not imply any legal assurance of specific properties of the product or its suitability for a specific application. All specified product-specific values apply when the product leaves the supplier's works. These values are guideline values and are subject to constant updating within the framework of product maintenance. Information regarding the specifications of products must be confirmed by a written purchase contract in order to be binding. Please also observe the warnings and safety data sheets.


In the case of trial products (labelling VP) at the trial stage, no final experience is yet available. Their specifications have not yet been finalised and may change at any time during the trial phase. Final statements about e.g. processability, production and application parameters or similar cannot therefore be made.