Product Overview


x-clean® EC 1224  – Fluorine-free Easy-to-Clean application system for glass, ceramics and plastics!

x-clean® EC 1272  – Fluorine-based Easy-to-Clean application system for glass, ceramics and                                                                     plastics!

x-clean® EC 7086  – Impregnation for concrete and stone surfaces!

x-protect® EC 7047  – Sealant for concrete and stone surfaces!

x-protect® EC 7048  – Sealant for concrete and stone surfaces, matt!

x-protect® EC 7050  – Sealant for concrete and stone surfaces, matt and slip-resistant!

x-clean® CO 4092  – Brushable paste for removing red rust!

x-clean® CO 4091  – Immersion bath for removing red rust! 

x-tec® CO 4040  – Universal corrosion protection, also as an aerosol spray! 

x-tec® ZS 4037  – Anti scale for hot forming and hardening processes up to 1,000 °C!

x-tex® EC 5028  – Impregnation for textiles and fabrics!

x-tex® EC 5029  – Impregnation for textiles and fabrics – concentrate!

x-view® PK 1016  – Photocatalytic application system for glass and ceramics (Self-Cleaning)!

x-view® AB 1212  – Anti-fogging system for plastic and glass!

x-clean® Products: Easier Cleaning

x-clean® EC 1224 and x-clean® EC 1272

Our ETC universal systems!


x-clean® EC 1224 and x-clean® EC 1272 create a thin film on surfaces that reduces the adhesion of dirt and foreign substances and allows water to simply roll off. Coated surfaces are particularly easy to clean and get less dirty, e.g. as a rain deflector on car windows or as a sealant of bathroom and kitchen against dirt.

x-clean® EC 7086

Impregnation for stone and concrete surfaces!



x-clean® EC 7086 is an impregnation with a dirt- and water-repellent effect for mineral substrates (concrete, plasters, bricks).

The water-based material creates a hydrophobic film on the surfaces that lets water and dirt roll off.

x-protect® EC 7047, x-protect® EC 7048 and x-protect® EC 7050

x-protect® EC 7047, 7048 and 7050 are permanent sealants for mineral substrates (concrete, natural stones, plasters). 

The material creates a glass-like protective coating on the surfaces.

The materials have a colour-enhancing effect and are available in glossy (7047) and matt (7048).

The slip resistance can be adjusted (7050, R11).

Colouring, UV protection or antibacterial additives for a better anti-fouling protection can be customised.

x-clean® CO 4091 and x-clean® CO 4092


x-clean® CO 4092 is an effective liquid rust remover (immersion bath) for removing red rust from iron and steel and tarnish colours from copper and brass components.

x-clean® CO 4091 is a brushable gel with the same properties.

x-clean® CO 4093 is a concentrate for the production of an immersion bath.

The lower half of the wheel on the right was immersed in x-clean® CO 4092 for 1 h!

x-tec®: Technical Products

x-tec® CO 4040

Silver-grey rust protection based on zinc flakes!

x-tec® CO 4040 is an active cathodic corrosion protection for iron and steel components. The material is suitable for spray, brush and dip application. Applied thinly, it dries after approx.
15 min. 

Also suitable for aerosol filling.

x-tec® ZS 4037

Silver-grey anti scale!


x-tec® ZS 4037 avoids scale in hot forming processes and hardening processes up to
1,000 °C.

The material is suitable for manual application (e.g. rolling up) and dries at room temperature. Applied thinly, it is hand-dry after a few minutes.

x-tex®: Impregnation of Textiles

x-tex® EC 5028 and x-tex® EC 5029

"Easy-to-Clean" impregnation for textiles, fabrics and wovens!


x-tex® EC 5029 (concentrate) and the ready-to-use diluted x-tex® EC 5028 are suitable for impregnating textiles (PES, PA, ...), wool and cotton. The material dries at room temperature, shows a very good water repellency and increases the stain resistance of the fibres against coffee, fat, red wine, etc.


x-view®: Hydrophilic/Self-Cleaning Coatings

x-view® PK 1016

Photocatalytically active Self-Cleaning coating for glass and ceramics!



x-view® PK 1016 is suitable for the coating of solar cells and window surfaces in outdoor areas, e.g. winter gardens.



x-view® AB 1212

Temporary, room temperature drying anti-fog coating for plastic and glass!



x-view® AB 1212 prevents fogging of plastics. It is suitable for ski goggles, diving goggles and helmet visors.