Products for Trade and Crafts

Dear customers and friends of NANO-X,


NANO-X GmbH has further developed and catalogued the "do-it-yourself" products at the request of many of our customers. We have been able to significantly improve the processing, function and durability of the products once again.


We place the highest value on ecological criteria. For example, we can replace the ecologically questionable fluorine in many products for metal, ceramic and glass finishing and at the same time significantly improve the effect and durability. Whenever possible, we replaced volatile solvent by water in our products  and the environmental compatibility was ensured. 


You will receive the NANO-X products  in the container sizes specified by us. We leave the individual design of the packaging, assembly and labelling to you.

We would be happy to advise you on this!


We look forward to doing good business with your company!


Dr. Stefan Sepeur