+++ Nano Enamel +++ New Coating Technology +++ Nano Enamel +++

Nano Enamel - A New Class Of Materials

· Water based Coating material

·  Curing already at 80°C

·  Flexible application methods such as

spraying or rolling

·  Thin enamel of approx. 10 µm

· Very high corrosion protection on steel, aluminium, zinc, copper

·  Very high chemical resistance

·  Very high scratch resistance 

(cut resistant)

·  Temperature stability up to 600°C

·  Coloring possible

(silver, black, red, gray, etc.)

·  UV-resistant and durable

·  Optimum coating for brake discs, screws, attachments, pots, oven parts etc.

·  Functionalization such as Easy to Clean effect or adjustment of the sliding friction possible