x-protect® KR 3037 – UV and thermally curing scratch-resistant coat for plastics and                                                                                            metals! 

x-protect® KR 3611   – UV curing scratch-resistant coat for plastics and metals! 

New! VP KR 30586  – UV curing scratch-resistant coat with UV stabilisation

New! VP KR 40521 – Dual Cure scratch-resistant coat - formable and steel wool resistant!


Further developments, such as scratch-resistant automotive clear coats or purely thermally drying products, are sampled after individual advice. Some of the different products are also offered in mat or pigmented type.

Scratch-resistant for spray or coil coating

x-protect® KR 3037

UV and thermally cured! 

Scratch-resistant for lacquers and metals

- Coil coating, spray coating

- Hardening > 180 °C or UV

- Solid content approx. 60 %

- Coating thickness approx. 8-12 µm

- Steel wool resistant

- High chemical resistant

- Also available mat as a special                                     product!

- Indoor application


Application to metal, powder coating or other scratch-sensitive surfaces


Scratch-resistant for inkjet or spin coating

x-protect® KR 3611

Scratch-resistant for displays, lenses and the painting of individual parts!

Scratch-resistant for the painting of individual parts

- Inkjet or spin coating

- UV curing

- Solid content approx. 50 %

- Coating thickness approx. 5-7 µm

- High abrasion resistant


Application for displays, lenses, glasses, etc.


UV scratch-resistant coat with UV stabilisation

VP KR 30586

New! Scratch-resistant with UV protection for polymers!

UV scratch-resistant coat for the painting of individual parts with UV protection

- Spray or coil coating

- UV curing 

- Solid content approx. 50 %

- Coating thickness approx. 5-7 µm

- High abrasion resistant

- Approval for outdoor application
   is being tested.



Dual cure scratch-resistant coating

VP KR 40521

New! Formable and extreme scratch-resistant thanks to two-stage hardening for plastic or aluminium foils!

Dual cure scratch-resistant

- First hardening stage at 160 °C

- Final hardening at 220 °C or                                           alternatively

- Final hardening by UV radiation

Pre-hardened material is formable, coilable and storable with UV protective film.

- Final hardening after the shaping process

- Coating thickness up to 20 µm without               cracking

- High scratch-resistant and chemical resistant

- Glossy and mat, can be coloured

- UV stabilised