x-tex® EC 5028  – Impregnation for textiles and fabric!

x-tex® EC 5029  – Impregnation for textiles and fabric - concentrate!

VP HP 30366  – Hydrophilisation of paper! 

x-tex®: Impregnation of textiles and paper

x-tex® EC 5028 and x-tex® EC 5029

"Easy-to-Clean" impregnation for textiles and fabric!

"Easy-to-Clean" impregnation for textiles and fabric


x-tex® EC 5029 (concentrate) and the
ready-to-use depleted x-tex® EC 5028 are suitable for the impregnation of textiles
(PES, PA, ...), wool and cotton.
The material dries at room temperature, shows a very good water repellency and
raises the stain resistance of the fibres
against coffee, grease, red wine, etc.





VP HP 30366

Hydrophilisation of filter papers!

Permanent hydrophilisation of filter papers and similar fabrics, e.g. the oil/water separation in fuel filters



 VP HP 30366 is suitable for the permanent hydrophilisation of papers and similar fabrics.
It is used, for example, in the oil/water separation in fuel filters.


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