x-clean® EC 7086  – Weather resistant impregnation for concrete and natural stones!  

x-protect® EC 7047  – Sealing for concrete and stone surfaces!

x-protect® EC 7048  – Sealing for concrete and stone surfaces, matt!

x-protect® EC 7050  – Sealing for concrete and stone surfaces, matt and slip resistant!

x-protect® EC 7003  – UV curing concrete coating!


Some of the different products are also offered in matt or pigmented type.

Sealing for concrete and stone surfaces

x-clean® EC 7086

Durable weather resistant impregnation against stain!


x-clean® EC 7086  is an impregnation with a stain-resistant and hydrophobic effect for mineral substrates (concrete, plaster, tiles). 

The water-based material produces a hydrophobic coat on the surfaces that let water and stain roll off. 





x-protect® EC 7047, 7048 and 7050

Durable weather resistant and colour-enhancing coating!

x-protect® EC 7047, 7048 and 7050  are durable sealings for mineral substrates (concrete, natural stones, plaster). 

The materials produce a glass-like protective coating on the surfaces.

The materials have a colour-enhancing effect and are available in glossy (7047)

and matt (7048).

The anti-slip property can be adjusted (7050, R11).


Colouring, UV protection or antibacterial additives for a better protection against fouling can be customised.


x-protect® EC 7003

UV curing sealing for concrete surfaces!


x-protect® EC 7003  is a product for the durable sealing of concrete blocks
ex works.

The materials have already been exclusive serial products with the company METTEN Stein+Design since 2003!