AlSi Coat 4001 – Anti scale for the hot forming!

VP ZS 40727 – Air-drying anti scale for component parts and prototypes!

x-clean® EC 2048 – Non-stick ceramic rolls coating for ovens!

Anti scale for the steel hardening and metal forming

AlSi Coat 4001

For the protection against scale during single-stage and two-stage press hardening!



Solvent- and aluminium-based coating material to prevent scale during the hot forming or press hardening

- Suitable for coil application

- Hardening 220 °C PMT

- Temperature stable up to approx. 1,000 °C

- Formable and weldable

- Thermal hardening from 130 °C to 300 °C

- The solid is approx. 20 %.

- Coating thickness approx. 3-5 µm




VP ZS 40727

Anti scale for self-application for the coating of component parts and prototypes!

Air-drying coating for the prevention of scale

The product is particularly suitable for the coating of component parts, limited areas or prototypes for the hot forming.

- Temperature stable up to approx. 1,000 °C


x-clean® EC 2048

Non-stick coating for aluminium oxide ceramic rolls for ovens e.g. for the hot forming!