Corporate Guidelines

  •  NANO-X GmbH positions itself as an innovative engine between producers of raw materials     and end users.


  • We regard ourselves not only as a producer of ready-made coating solutions and chemical            catalysts.


  • Our aim is to achieve sustained economic success through our business activities while taking  into account the concerns of quality management in conjunction with those of environmental protection health and occupational safety in an appropriate manner.


  • Our technological focus is on cutting-edge silicate chemistry and nanotechnology.


  • We start to develop where state-of-the-art stops.


  • We produce what we have developed, only very rarely we grant licences.


  • We patent and protect our knowledge worldwide.


  • We work honestly and in a target-oriented and client-friendly manner.


  •  We are among the leading companies in the sector and our aim is to assert this position at a       global level.


  • We operate globally and strive to establish international partnerships.


  • We are committed to assessing, controlling and reducing occupational hazards and environmental impacts and to preventing environmental pollution, injuries and illnesses with the involvement and participation of our employees. This includes the obligation to provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.


  • About compliance with any applicable requirements, binding commitments, relevant                      standards, regulations and legal requirements addition, we are committed to continuous              improvement of the management system in order to enhance its performance.


  • We ensure that these guidelines are adhered to by carrying out reviews on a regular basis.            Should a non-conformity arise, corrective action is taken.


  • We attach great importance to providing our employees with information as well as to their      motivation and qualification. Our members of staff work together openly and constructively in interdisciplinary teams. 


Saarbrücken, 20/02/2024