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Production and Storage

Production hall with a capacity of more than 2,000 tons of annual production

Chemical storage inside and outside with more than 100 tons of storage capacity

Container storage as preparation for a fast production cycle

Retained sample storage for optimal quality assurance

Coating Application

Different painting cabins, also with reduced dust

Roller application for technical upscaling coil

Cup, airless and powder coating guns

Curtain casting for optical coatings 

Coating knife application for standard coating

Electrochemical dip coating


Hardening of the Coating

High-temperature furnaces up to 1,250 °C 

UV curing, also under inert gas


Various hardening furnaces, also possible under vacuum

Coating Characterisation

Climatic cabinet 

Electr. resistance 

Cross cutting test

Crockmeter test 

Solid analyser

Yellowness measurement

Test chemicals test

IR spectrometer

Water determination

Erichsen cupping 

Spot welding 

Scratch test 

Gradient oven 

Rotational viscosity

Gloss level measurement

Light microscopy

UV VIS spectrometer

pH meter 

Pencil hardness 


Mandrel bending test 

Adhesion test 


QUV test


DTA thermal analysis



Coating thickness 


TABER test 

DOI ripple 


Salt spray test


Conductivity coat 

Flash point

Colour index